A child's day at Bella Montessori is full of learning and discovery. Children’s sensory learning is a key features of children of this age group using hands on material.


Montessori children learn about the following:

Science (Botany, Zoology)

Sustainability and eco-literacy are part of the children's daily experience at our school – children learn how to care for their environment and world through composting, recycling growing and harvesting vegetables.


Preparation for reading and writing are begun as soon as children enter Bella Montessori. Children advance from pre-reading to total reading, and writing is integrated into all curriculum subjects. 



With the aid of specially designed equipment, children explore mathematics at length including the Decimal System and explorations of all the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Practical Life Activities

These activities are designed to develop gross and fine motor coordination, independence, self confidence, care of the self and of the environment, including movement. 



Learning the names and locations of continents, countries in each continent, flags, and information about different customs in various cultures.


Individual and group lessons with different mediums and art techniques give children an open creative avenue with a variety of materials. Art involves teaching children about famous art and artists so they grow an appreciation of world masterpieces. 


Music education in the classroom involves both singing and using musical instruments. Music appreciation is taught to familiarize children with composers and different music genres.